Web Dev Link Love: Code As Craft – Etsy Engineering Blog

Web Dev Link Love: Code As Craft – Etsy Engineering Blog

I happened upon Etsy’s Engineering blog, Code as Craft, while looking for one of their past projects, a gift giving suggestion engine, and boy what a gold mine I found! Even if you aren’t a lover of Etsy this blog is great if you want to learn about the journey (both good and bad!) of scaling up, the inner workings of a fabulous team, and overall just want to nerd out. The more I read Code as Craft the more it seems like the dream job for me…NYC in the future for me? 😉

Product Feature Fail: iOS7 Accessibility Invert Colors

I spent a bit today playing with the Settings iOS7 as I know my mom is going to have some issues with the new UI aka the colors & contrast. In the Accessibility Settings there is a setting called Invert Colors that appeared to be the golden ticket but what I found was…well you will see.


Background turns to black and text to white as expected

At first, I was pretty excited as everything was pretty easy to read. Let’s go back into regular functions.


Homescreen – 80’s stylin

True to their words, the colors are inverted as you can tell with all my green icons being purplish now. Even my background image is inverted! I now have an albino monkey giving a thumbs up! I thought this was cool so went to text YKAT and attach a photo but then got this:


iOS7 Accessibility Setting – Invert Colors displays photos inverted as well


On a positive note, all your images return to normal when you turn off Invert Colors as it is just a display setting. I’d recommend changing to Bold Text or Large Type for now.

Breaking (pretty) things to make even prettier things

My first live solo RoR project is a brunch finding app called Brunchover.  The backend still is looking good*. I wrote all the CSS from scratch and it was semi-okay on mobile devices but I knew I could do better. I promised myself (and friends) I would fix it, especially the JS capabilities, but life happened and thus IT did not happen. This morning I did a bit of breaking to try to make things happen. It can be a bit frightening to see a bunch of your hard work break or be deleted but sometimes that is what you need to do in order to make a better or even a working product.

Brunchover.com GitHub

Brunchover.com GitHub Repo Pushes

I personally get a joy of hacking my own code and getting things to a better place, I think that is why I like back-end coding so much. It definitely goes back to when I was a child, I was always taking things apart just so I could put them back together. Don’t be afraid to clear your code and rewrite, sometimes a blank slate is all that is needed to get those coding juices flowing again.  Make sure to push to GitHub first though ;-)

*Looks like I pissed off Foursquare with hitting their API so many times on reload :-$ I guess this project is to be continued…

Gorgeous user profile design: Three Day Rule

Gorgeous user profile design

So I am on this (so they say) elite online dating site Three Day Rule and wow, they have an amazing UX and front-end. I especially love their profile view as seen here.  I love how my main photo and name are front and center along with some quick facts. It is interesting to note that occupation is written first…but really, TDR is based in SF so that isn’t too odd. What other site’s have fantastic profile designs?
*yeah I know, I have a pic of my friends AND my dad on my profile (apparent cardinal sin of dating profiles) but they are a huge part of my life.