Breaking (pretty) things to make even prettier things

My first live solo RoR project is a brunch finding app called Brunchover.  The backend still is looking good*. I wrote all the CSS from scratch and it was semi-okay on mobile devices but I knew I could do better. I promised myself (and friends) I would fix it, especially the JS capabilities, but life happened and thus IT did not happen. This morning I did a bit of breaking to try to make things happen. It can be a bit frightening to see a bunch of your hard work break or be deleted but sometimes that is what you need to do in order to make a better or even a working product. GitHub GitHub Repo Pushes

I personally get a joy of hacking my own code and getting things to a better place, I think that is why I like back-end coding so much. It definitely goes back to when I was a child, I was always taking things apart just so I could put them back together. Don’t be afraid to clear your code and rewrite, sometimes a blank slate is all that is needed to get those coding juices flowing again.  Make sure to push to GitHub first though ;-)

*Looks like I pissed off Foursquare with hitting their API so many times on reload :-$ I guess this project is to be continued…

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