Product Feature Fail: iOS7 Accessibility Invert Colors

I spent a bit today playing with the Settings iOS7 as I know my mom is going to have some issues with the new UI aka the colors & contrast. In the Accessibility Settings there is a setting called Invert Colors that appeared to be the golden ticket but what I found was…well you will see.


Background turns to black and text to white as expected

At first, I was pretty excited as everything was pretty easy to read. Let’s go back into regular functions.


Homescreen – 80’s stylin

True to their words, the colors are inverted as you can tell with all my green icons being purplish now. Even my background image is inverted! I now have an albino monkey giving a thumbs up! I thought this was cool so went to text YKAT and attach a photo but then got this:


iOS7 Accessibility Setting – Invert Colors displays photos inverted as well


On a positive note, all your images return to normal when you turn off Invert Colors as it is just a display setting. I’d recommend changing to Bold Text or Large Type for now.