New project! MyChillPill

Hello! I have returned. I just finished up General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive which was a total of 12 weeks of Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, TDD, Git, and everything related. It was intense but awesome.

For my final project I did a Mental Health focused app that uses drawing and writing as modes of escape and processing. I wanted to provide a free resource for people as it really is lacking in the mental healthcare system. I lost two friends last year so the topic was really close to my heart. Anyways, I built it using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Jquery, this amazing JS library Drawingboard.js, HTML5 (especially Canvas), CSS, RSpec, & Devise. You can find it at mychillpill dot me.

NOTE: New Landing Page coming soon!

Drawing section with Prompts
Dashboard with completed Writings & Worksheets

There is also a Writing section with prompts (not pictured). Stay tuned for my other projects.

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